We put loads of lovely fresh lemon juice in our ginger beer. The acidity of lemon balances the sweetness and the ginger spiciness perfectly and the fresher the lemons the better. So we decided to plant a small grove of meyer lemons on our acre in Penguin and see if we could produce our own fresh fruit for the brew.

Meyer lemon trees seemed to be a good choice because they’re hardy in a temperate climate. Penguin is pretty mild but we still get a few nasty frosts over winter. Meyers are a cross between mandarin and lemon so they’re slightly sweeter than a normal lemon but if picked early enough they still have plenty of acidity.

This little darling is our first lemon from our small grove. We picked all the other fruit off before they had a chance to develop so the young trees could put their energy into getting bigger rather than fruit development, but this one was hiding behind a leaf and went unnoticed until it turned sunshine yellow.